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The story behind Salmon Guru: since its opening in 2016, Salmon Guru has been divided into three spaces with different themes. In May 2023, the «RESET» project was carried out to renovate this eclectic bar without losing its essence. The entrance, where we will find animal print combined with a total immersion underwater, to feel more salmon than ever and go against the current. 

The wow effect begins in the second section, where we will find a shared table in the middle of everything, this table is transformed into another bar ephemerally. Nobody knows when or with whom, but when it opens it does so with a menu of different cocktails and only serves the people around it. A bar within a bar.

Through the decoration, with neons and comics, representing the most creative people in the world, children, we want to tell the constant search for the new and different. We finish in the last but not least space, paying homage to Asian culture, the one that our founder and creative director, Diego Cabrera, admires so much.

Calling itself an unusual tavern, the Viva is the classic, but no less daring, extension of Salmon Guru, located a few meters from it. Original and protected, our tavern dates back to 1856 and maintains its original layout. The Viva has a small and coquettish terrace. The lower part, the tavern, where daring cocktails coexist, but with a classic image in combination with our «new Madrilenian cuisine». Some stairs and a collection of books, cocktail shakers and old tools, lead us to the upper floor where we will find our interpretation of a Madrid bar from the 20s/30s.

It is our space for development and innovation to share knowledge and where we test cocktails and dishes that will later be served in the rest of the spaces.

We are open to the public only on Fridays and Saturdays during the night shift, under reservations and sometimes, if we have space we accept walk ins, on these days we serve the week’s progress. It works like a house, without «barriers» without a bar and with a large kitchen, which is where the best part of the party happens, so people can circulate throughout the space.

The Lab is always ready to receive everyone and in it, there are workshops, master classes, pop ups and everything that surrounds our world, as well as receiving national and international bartenders and chefs.

We opened Salmon Guru Dubai, in one of the most emblematic buildings in the city, designed by Lebanese architect Zaha Hadid.

It is a mix between the Lab and Salmon, customers can move freely and have a cocktail next to the bartender. Although the brand, style and service unites us, Salmon Guru Dubai has its own identity and imprint, and we share creativity between the spaces which makes it a must visit to understand how the evolution of Salmon is.

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